Johnny’s Garden

On Friday we will close on the purchase of Johnny’s Garden, taking the first step in the realization of our dream to live more simply, naturally, and sustainably.

Johnny’s Garden is a 1 acre property in the South Valley; not nearly large enough to qualify as a farm, but plenty big enough to grow A LOT of produce and properly support the few animals we want.

The property contains a beautiful 2 bedroom house built in the 1930’s with hardwood floors, fireplace, wood burning stove, and large kitchen. There is also a small casita with attached garage and wood shop. In addition, there is an already established and very large garden plot and out buildings that will will transform nicely into  chicken coop, barn, and large pen with stalls for goats and a horse or two. With a lot of work and elbow grease.

The property itself is gorgeous and covered in green, green, green. If you live in the desert you know what a rarity that is and how fortunate we are to have access to irrigation, well, and city water in addition to being located in the Rio Grande river valley. There are more fruit trees than I’ve yet been able to count:  apricot, cherry, plum, pear, peach, mulberry, and almond. There are at least three huge grape vines and dozens upon dozens of blackberries. This autumn we will get a good lesson in canning and preserving fruits.

In the meantime we will have many things to keep us busy.   The first order of business will be to refinish the hardwood floors in both the house and the casita, which will be Dill’s spot. After that the moving will begin in earnest.  Once we’re settled in the next immediate thing will be to make the chicken coop livable for the ladies who will be rooming with Dave and Leslie’s hens until their new digs are ready. Then there’s a whole list of things to be prioritized such as clearing and/or taking down fences, cutting down dead trees, pruning over grown trees and bushes, repairing the laundry room and redoing the plumbing there, rerouting grey-water to the garden, painting….and that’s enough of a list for now.

Its been many years since I’ve been any good at keeping up with a journal of any kind, but I hope to use this space to chronicle our life and adventures at Johnny’s Garden.

I’ll be posting the first pictures soon.

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