Pictures as Promised

View from the front of the house looking towards the drive way. The window you can see is the master bedroom.

This shot almost catches the front entry and is taken standing in the driveway.

View of the side yard

Mac and I walking through a portion of what will eventually become the garden. That shack looking thing in the back ground will be the chicken coop.

This is a little better shot of what will be the garden area. This whole space back to the “chicken coop” will be covered in veggies by this time next year.

Sitting on a log behind the chicken coop, there is only a corner of the coop visible here, but you can see that we will need to make some extensive repairs.

This shows the rest of what will be the animal area. The brown shed on the left will become the barn. Right now it is housing all of the neighborhoods stray and feral cats and a heap of junk that needs to be hauled off. To the right of the barn you can just make out another structure which is cinder block stalls- again filled with junk- and no roof. Apparently former residents raised pigs here, it will eventually house our goats and horses.

This is the living room, looking out the front window as seen from the dinning room.

Living room again. Those windows on either side of the fireplace are looking directly into the garage and out the other side. That’s one of the things on the to do list to change.

Another shot from the living room, this time looking at the entry way. The door is behind that lovely brick wall with the cement footing. If your guessing that is another item on the to do list, your right.

Isn’t the puppy cute?

This is the view from the living room looking thru the dinning room and into the den. The kitchen is thru that door on the left. The window on the right is another lovely view of the garage and a to do list item. In the far back right corner of the den you can just make out the wood burning stove.

I love this window in the master bedroom; that window seat opens.

This is the second bedroom, or library as we’re calling it. The french doors open to the hot tub, and the other window looks out into the back courtyard.

Kitchen as seen from the dinning room.

Here’s a shot of the dinning room with that view of the garage I mentioned.

And a shot of the den. We’re thinking the dark wood paneling will have to go, but it has a great view of the back courtyard.

Last but not least, a robin built her nest in one of the trees out front and was nice enough to build it about eye level so we’d be sure not to miss it.

Here’s the diligent mama.

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