Putting the right foot forward

The close went smoothly as expected and on Friday Johnny’s Garden was officially ours!  We celebrated with a little demolition the good ole’ hammer and chisel way.

Remember that ugly wall right inside the front entry way?

While Don hammered away on the wall, I set out to try and tame the honeysuckle. There’s a rose bush under here. Really. See the little rose sticking up out of the top of the honeysuckle?

I got the rose bush most of the way uncovered only to discover that the honeysuckle is so heavy its pushing the fence down. After some consultation with Leslie-our neighbor- it was decided to put this project on hold for a couple of weeks and then come back and take down all of the honeysuckle and fix the fence by adding another pole for support.

But here’s a happier if somewhat spindly rose bush.

Next I attacked this big lump,

and found a fruiting mulberry tree, a skinny scrawny mulberry, but a mulberry underneath.

The honeysuckle and trumpet vines are really out of control.  It’s going to take a huge effort to get it cut back to something manageable; at the moment it owns the a number of trees and fences.

This poor little tree obviously was burdened with this overgrown honeysuckle for a long time.

By this time Don was about 1/2 way done with that wall and I jumped in to help him.

A half hour or so more and this wall was GONE!

This room is a lot bigger without that wall cutting off a third of it and it looks so much better. This will be our ritual room.

Back at it on Sunday. It’s time to see about finding that back gate. When we closed on Friday- Amy- the previous owner who lived in the house for over 10 years said “there’s a gate in the back corner, I’ve never seen it but here’s the key”. We already knew there was a gate, but were glad to know it had a key.

To be fair, its not hard to believe she would have missed seeing the gate all of those years,  it looked like this after all.

This was clearly a job for the chain saw.

It was pretty much an all afternoon job.

But as it turns out there really was a gate under there, and the key actually opens the lock.

This will give us access to the back of the property and enable us haul stuff in and out of the back without having to drive across the front yard. We will also park the RV here.

Oh, and the eggs hatched;  here’s a picture of the proud mama with her babies.

And one of the front rose bush in full bloom just because it’s so pretty.

This week we’ll start filling cracks in walls and ceiling, repairing the wall where we tore out the brick, painting, re-doing the hardwood floors, and draining the back pond that’s full of standing water and producing WAY too many mosquitoes.

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