Finished Floors!

The floors are finally finished!

Here’s how process looked as we went along:

Initially we were creating more frustration for ourselves than anything else with this machine. As you can tell by looking at the floor we were mostly going in circles.

Once we got the drum sander we started making some real progress and were helped along by Leslie on Saturday.

Eventually it started to look more like this.

And look, I do work sometimes and not just take pictures. This is the fill all tracks with wood putty job.

Finally we started staining.

And the almost finished product.  This picture was taken just before the finishing coat was applied.

In the meantime, we’ve been getting rain everyday and things are starting to look very junglish outside. The fruit is going to be ready long before we are.

Nearly ripe mulberries.

And cherries.

And plums.

And a couple of the roses, since they went to the all the bother of being so pretty.

The baby birds grew quickly; not long after I took this picture they left the nest.

It’s just all too much to keep up with if your a puppy.

So, we’re getting closer to moving day month but we’ve still got painting to do first and it’s beginning to feel like moving is never going to happen. Things are getting done but we’ve underestimated the time it would take us to do the floors; we’ve never refinished hardwood floors before so its understandable, but frustrating.

Hopefully painting will happen more according to our time estimate but I doubt seriously that we’ll be ready to start moving the weekend of the 13 & 14th like we had hoped. Unless the painting goes amazingly quickly it will be the following weekend instead. That’s going to put us in a serious time crunch to be out of the house in Rio Rancho before the 1st of July in time for Melissa to move in there and us to leave on vacation. I’m not really sure how we’re going to work all that out.

Yesterday a crew from Sunflower River came over to pick the some of the ripe mulberries. I’m grateful to know that they won’t go to waste and will be turned into something sumptuous.

And we’ve rescued a feral hen and her three chicks from a vacant lot, dangerously close to a busy street. We don’t have the chicken coop anywhere near ready for her or our other chickens that are still at the house in Rio Rancho, so she’s just scratching around the property, but there is a lot more shelter and food for her at our place than there was in that vacant lot. It’s uncertain whether she will stick around and join our flock or not; for now she seems inclined to stay. She’s not very social and I had to work hard to get this picture and then crop it and blow it up. Those little fuzzy round things are a couple of the chicks. I’m calling her Ebony.

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