It’s been exactly a month since we closed on johnny’s garden. Since then we’ve done a lot of work, already the place looks transformed. The ugly wall in the front entrance way is nothing more than a memory and a stretch of wall needing some additional repair and paint. The floors are totally unrecognizable and absolutely beautiful. Our bedroom has received most of a paint job. We’ve done some amount of work outside too: repaired sprinklers, drained the well pond, pruned and cut down trees and vines where it was most immediate, uncovered the back gate….And now this weekend finally we’ve moved-or mostly moved. There is still much to be cleaned and moved from the house in Rio Rancho (including the garage and the wood shop the cats and the chickens) but, with the exception of a couple of trailer loads the household belongings have made the trip across town.

Everything went so quickly! We started Friday afternoon and worked late staging furniture and packing boxes, getting as much ready as we could. Bright and early Saturday morning we picked up the 17′ u-haul truck and then Sarah and Joe and a friend of his arrived and a little while later John & Tiffany, and then Bill and Judith, and then another friend of Joe and Sarah. And boom just like that the house was nearly empty, the kitchen packed, the trucks were full and we were on the road!

Things went nearly as quickly on the other end. Dave and Leslie were there to help in addition to all of the people we started with in Rio Rancho and while Bill and John solved the problem of getting the new refrigerator into the house everyone else unloaded the trucks into the garage. In the time it took me to order pizza and go pick up beer and ice everything was unloaded.

By 2:00 or so everyone was off to enjoy the remainder of their Saturday and we were on the road again returning the truck to u-haul much earlier than expected .

We are SO grateful we had so many people show up to help us! If your reading this, thank you!

So now it’s a matter of setting up house, moving stuff into the house from the garage and unpacking boxes. We worked like crazy the rest of the weekend and are maybe 1/2 way done. At least we’re moved in enough to be able to take a shower, sleep in our bed, and tonight have the first home cooked meal since Beltane. What a treat that will be.

I got a few pictures of the move from the Rio Rancho side of things (it happened so fast I almost didn’t have a chance to get the camera, which is really the way you want your move to go) once we have the computer set up and I can download them from the camera I’ll get them posted.

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