Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is- and all your stuff.

We’re settling in and things are starting look and feel like home.

Our bedroom with a new floor, a fresh coat of paint, and some furniture.

And the den, where we haven’t done anything but add furniture. Yet.

The kitchen is usable if not yet the way want it to eventually look.

We still have a lot of unpacking and arranging to do but things are livable and coming along. Some things will stay in the garage until we can finish the painting (no sense in moving things in and then moving them again to paint) but that’s scheduled to start soon.

In the meantime, we still have the garage and wood shop to move and a list that would boggle your mind of other things that have to be done all competing for our immediate attention: chicken coops and plumbing, painting, and tree hauling for starters.

At the moment it’s the chicken coop that’ s demanding attention,  it’s completely uninhabitable even for chickens.

These pictures were taken after Don started to tear off the walls and expose the usable framing, but still, what we have is more mess than chicken coop. It will have to be torn down to the framing and completely rebuilt. In the meantime, it has to at least be cleaned out and the space be liveable and safe so we can move the chickens.

The dogs really could care less about all of that, and are perfectly happy to bound around and play in the waist high jungle that the back of our property has become.

But if your a bull mastiff puppy, lumbering along is probably more your style.

For tonight we’ll have the first home cooked meal any of us have eaten since Beltane and take a nice long, deep breath of satisfaction and not worry so much about tomorrow.

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