Small Changes

Everything feels like its moving in slow motion in comparison to the past month, which is both frustrating and welcome. We are certainly in need of the rest provided by the slower pace, but there are so many things we want to get done that are on hold until we finish moving.

The work in the last week has mostly consisted of packing, moving, and unpacking boxes (and deciding what to put where) along with trying to keep up with the tasks of everyday living. Its necessary, and even desirable to get the house set up and assign everything a place, even more so to have your belongings where you can use them, but it lacks the satisfaction of knocking down a wall or finishing floors.

I’m planning to get started on the library/office by Wed., filling cracks with joint compound and preparing to paint. I want to get the room finished before we leave for California. One major motivating factor is that I can’t unpack any of my books until the painting is done, which means that I’m borrowing reading material while the books I’ve recently purchased sit in boxes in the garage.

The last couple of days I’ve been working on mowing down the thigh high grass and weeds in the back,  which has the desired effect of making things look and feel neat, tidy, and under control. Don’s made the chicken coop temporarily livable for the chickens, who’ve settled right in, and moved on to draining, repairing, and flushing the chlorine from the hot tub. Dillan has moved the downed tree that had already been cut up from the front yard to wood pile and picked enough ripe berries for me to make at least two pies and a good sized cobbler. Everyday when I come home from work there are more berries in the colander on the kitchen counter. I’m thinking he’s really hoping that I’ll focus on making raspberry cobbler instead of painting.

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