We spent another weekend moving and are finished with the house portion of the moving!  Whatever is left  Melissa will pack up for us.  Thank you Melissa!  That buys us a month or more before we need to start moving the garage and wood shop in earnest.

Now we can focus on finishing touches and painting at the new house.  There are still dozens of boxes in the garage to be unpacked,  pictures to hang– all of the little things that make a house a home to be done.  The bonus for the weekend happened when we stopped off at a parking lot rug vendor in Rio Rancho on Sunday and bought rugs for the entire house at a fraction of what we were expecting to spend at Home Depot or Lowes!  I’m thrilled at how good they look .  What a big difference they make to the appearance of the rooms.  Not that the hardwood floors aren’t beautiful, but the rugs compliment it and draw your eye to the wood.  The fact that we got them for so much less than we expected makes me appreciate them all the more. I love to save money!

The library is mostly ready to paint (thanks to Don spending good portions of the day on Thursday and Friday sanding and patching cracks) so we went by Home Depot Friday evening and purchased the paint for both that room and the dinning room.  If we’re lucky we’ll get the painting done before we leave for San Francisco this coming weekend.

The other big accomplishment was getting our rescued chicken 4th street and her babies into the chicken coop with our other three hens – without any fighting.  Everyone is now settled in quite nicely, even if they aren’t all the best of friends yet.

And now chickens, kitties, and new rugs for your viewing pleasure.

4th street and two of her babies.

Constance and Isabella (front to back)

a very intent Constance

Frankie the Cat,

and Kanai.

We also got a new rug for the library, but with that room being a construction zone the rug is still in the bag in the garage– safely away from saw dust and drops of paint.

And now we’re off to California for a much needed vacation!

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