Dog Days of Summer

Things have been pretty boring around Johnny’s Garden lately.  Not that we haven’t been doing anything just that its not much worth talking about.  Installing ceiling fans and air conditioners, painting.  Still setting up housekeeping.

The cool rainy weather that we were blessed with this spring is long gone.  It’s been HOT,  typical NM summer weather.  It clouds up and looks promising every evening but most days its just teasing.

Much to my dismay I’m finding that  whatever I do around Johnny’s Garden is restricted to weekends, there just isn’t enough time after work to get much of anything done once the day to day routine chores are accomplished.  Frustrating that.  More weekend would be helpful.  Don seems to be frustrated by an overwhelming list of things needing to be done, and I by not having the opportunity to help do any of them.  Life, go figure.

Anyhow, a few pictures. The idea with the painting has been to bring the colors we love on the outside in.  So far with the exception of our bedroom we’re uncertain whether we like the results or not.  See what you think.  Here’s our VERY orange day lilly flower library/office awaiting bookshelves and books.

And our even brighter dinning room painted trumpet vine flower orange/red with trim and ceiling the same green as our bedroom.

Outdoors 4th street’s 2 remaining chicks (we lost one while we we’re on vacation) are officially on their own as far as  4th Street is concerned.  She has clearly given them the heave ho and wants to be on about her own business.  She’s laying again and ignores their “I want my mama” calls in favor of hanging out with the other chickens.  She does still allow them to roost with her at night. One of these chicks is a rooster, not sure we want a rooster right now so we’ll have to find him another home soon.

We harvested pears on Sat., approx. 15lbs.

The grass, weeds and alfalfa in the area where the garden will be have gotten totally out of hand while we weren’t looking and are too tall to manage by tilling under with rototiller, so part of this weekend was spent attacking this problem with the lawn mower.  You can just make out Don mowing way back there.

While that was happening I weeded the asparagus and took this picture of the sky teasing us.

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