Our Cup Runneth Over

With plums, elm trees and spiders.

We had a huge harvest of plums on Friday, so most of my weekend was devoted to preserving plums.  I froze 4 – 1 gal. freezer bags of halved, pitted plums in sugar free apple juice to use for baking over the winter, and made 18 – 1/2 pints of low sugar plum jam, and one Italian plum crisp for dinner Sunday which was absolutely delicious.  I have officially seen all of the plums I want to see until next year.

Plums ready for harvest.

Ready to be jam.

Some of the finished product plus a few jars of pear honey from the pear harvest a few weeks ago.

And a bonus Italian Plum Crisp.

Tonight I have a bucket of grapes to deal with.

Don meanwhile is hating elm trees and chain saws that wont start.  He’s been working on cutting down unwanted and/or in the way elm trees that will over shade the garden,  or are in the way of new the chicken coop or deck construction planned for this area.  He’s made a lot of progress particularly considering the finicky chain saw still not wanting to start even after being in the shop for over a week.  Elms grow nice and straight and we are fortunate (or unfortunate depending your perspective at the moment) to have them in abundance.  We are planning on using some of these for the frame for the greenhouse and the new additional chicken coop.  The rest will help keep us warm some winter.

Don posing impatiently and being cranky about the chain saw.

Things are so much easier when the chain saw works properly.

We have big plans for this corner, a green house, deck and additional chicken coop for meat chickens and one for turkeys.

There’s not much else to tell right now, we are settling into a daily routine that feels good and much of this fall and winter will be taken up with tasks associated with putting things in order and readying the property for the next growing season.  Last weekend we moved a trailer load of stuff from the garage/backyard in Rio Rancho and Don has picked up several more loads during the week.  Bush and bamboo trimming are among the other things that have been taking place recently.  And more painting.  And unpacking boxes.  Seems like we’re never going to be done painting and unpacking boxes.  We’re close to having all of the household possessions actually in the house now and at least out of the box even if they aren’t situated in their final place. Even the books have been unpacked, important because now I can find the books I had planned to read this summer and not have to borrow anymore reading material.  it won’t be long now before we start hanging pictures on the wall.

We are hoping to have a housewarming party sometime in Sept, though Sept. is already filling up quickly and it will probably end up being Oct. before we have an open date on the calendar and the house ready for guests.

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