‘Round Here

September has been busy, already better than half gone while I wasn’t looking.  Most of the busyness has been social, parties, drumming circles, harvest festivals over the Labor Day weekend.  The weekend of the 12th we made an annual trip to Ouray Colorado for our anniversary and spent the weekend soaking in the beautiful and relaxing lithium waters at Orvis hotsprings .  If you are local I highly recommend it, beautiful, inexpensive, clothing optional, and close enough to be doable for a romantic weekend and the drive up is breathtaking.

This week we’re just back from three wonderful days in the woods celebrating Mabon.  Festivals always mean an entire week devoted to lists and packing and trips to the grocery store in preparation.  Whhooosshhh and another week is gone and autumn has arrived!

Back at home now we’re focused on preparations for Samhain and our open house.
Even with all of the socializing we’ve managed to get some work done.

We’ve reduced most all of the trees Don cut down last month to firewood or mulch with our new heavy duty chipper.    Don also chipped a large pile of the bamboo like stuff he cut down last month.  It turns out to be perfect bedding for the chicken coop.  Handy since we still have plenty of it to be put through the chipper.

Slowly but surely we’re making progress back here, but this will be an ongoing process for us for quite some time as we still have any number of elm trees that need to come down to make room for chicken coops and green house and allow for enough sun in the garden not to mention dead trees that need to be taken out.

We’ve gotten a decent start on the pond considering the project got stalled when the rototiller broke and had to be sent out for repair.  We have to get back on top of this project soon, before the weather gets too cold and the turtle and the frogs hibernate for the winter.  In this picture we’ve filled it with water for easier shoveling.

I’ve applied stained glass window film to the dinning room windows so we don’t have to look at the garage (and all of the work still to be done in there) while we eat dinner anymore.  That brings us really close to completing the dining room.  I  love the way its all come together, its bold and makes my eyes happy,  I can’t stop looking at it.  I was skeptical about how the stained glass film would look, but I’m pleased with the results. The fact that it was much cheaper than any of the alternative solutions and it was also an easy and enjoyable task is a huge bonus.  I’m looking forward to doing the two windows in the living room and am considering doing the door in the library which would help to keep that room cooler in the summer.

Don and Dave have installed a new gate complete with a bridge across the irrigation ditch on each side between our two properties which makes going back and forth much easier and is imperative to our upcoming Samhain ritual.

In our spare bits and pieces of time we’ve made this sign.  We’ve planned a second sign to go with this one that will have the address on it, I’m not sure that the second sign will get done anytime soon.

Additionally the chicken coop has been re-reinforced after we lost 4th street and “the little rooster” to raccoons.  I started and then abandoned clearing the space where I want eventually to plant a medicinal herb garden.  I’m really itching to work on that project but  the jobs we’ve already started are of a higher priority and so that will have to wait awhile.  It’s so easy to allow our energy to be scattered because there is so much to be done. It’s important to keep reminding ourselves to stay focused and complete one thing (or one set of things) before starting something else whenever possible.

In other news I’m quite distraught about Frankie the Cat who hasn’t been home in two weeks.  I keep sending out positive Frankie please come home thoughts, but I’ve pretty much given up hope.

In the meantime our little feral cat  is becoming much less feral and fearsome, and its starting to feel like she’d like us to be her people.  At the very least she needs a better name than “that little cat”.  Don has suggested that we name her little bitty kitty kitty, I’ve vetoed that in favor of something more dignified, she’s had it rough enough already after all.  She comes out in the morning and sits with me and sometimes will come just inside the door.  Everyday she inches a little closer, getting braver all the time and she rarely hisses anymore.

And did I mention we have raccoons?  Cute huh?  Did you count them?  There are 5 of them!  Here they are eating “that little cat” that needs a names dinner.

First thing on the list now that we’re home from mabon is to figure out what to do about these little rascals.  That and finding a suitable name for “that little cat.”

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