Weekend Summary

We had a nice productive weekend getting ready for the housewarming next weekend and our Samhain celebration on the 31st.

Dillan, Don and I all worked both on Saturday and Sunday to get the back field finally cleaned up.  All the small stuff has been turned into mulch and the big stuff sorted and moved into stacks to be made into firewood and/or poles for poultry coops and green house.  A whole section of firewood has been relocated and stacked where it will be at hand when needed and not in the way of the next building project. 
We also have the beginnings of our ritual circle now, complete with fire pit and quarter altars.  Not anything close to how we imagine the end product back there but its a start and sufficient to our current needs. 

The side yard also got a lot of needed attention and the remnants of the russian olive tree that we cut down last month have been cleaned up and hauled around to the back to combine with the stacks already mentioned.

Having accomplished all that we can now  show people around back there without being worrying someone will break a leg and as a bonus we can get to work tilling the area where we will plant the garden and building the greenhouse.

Saturday afternoon Kat and Allen from Sunflower River came over and dug up some of our volunteer plum and cherry trees. All that digging around in the front bed prompted me to spend the entire afternoon on Sunday  digging up all the bulbs and turning that ground over so it can be productive again.  The bulbs were so overcrowded!  I suspect that bed hasn’t been worked in at least 10 years.  When it was all said and done I dug up 2 paper grocery bags packed full of iris bulbs, a bucket of day lillies and half a kajillion grape hyacinth bulbs with a handful of mystery bulbs thrown in for good measure.  Sometime in the near future, hopefully next Sunday, I’ll turn that bed over one more time and replant a few of those bulbs, mostly I want to leave it free to plant some other stuff in come spring time.  One overgrown flower bed excavated 10 or 15 more to go…… : )………  : (

The agenda for this week is house cleaning.  Everything outside is looking pretty good for now, but the house needs to be put in order before we have a crowd of people show up to see what a mess we’ve been making what we’ve been doing.  We still have drop cloths on the floor and ladders in the way and boxes that need to be unpacked or hidden in the closet or under the bed and cans of paint to be carried back out to the garage.  We aren’t done with the painting yet, I still have windows and doors to paint (that will be an all winter project) but the walls are all done and that will have to be close enough. 

I meant to take some pictures this weekend but never got around to it.  I’ll see if I can remember to get the camera out this afternoon, the fall leaves sure are pretty.

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