Housewarming and Thrift Stores with a Few Pictures Thrown in for Good Measure

The housewarming last weekend came off quite well and seemed to be an enjoyable day for everyone.  Making it a most of the afternoon/evening event worked really well, we had plenty of time in the morning for final preparations and I had all morning and the early portion of the afternoon to cook.  Even with all the little last minute preparations we still managed a few minutes to spare to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee and appreciate all of our hard work before Wade arrived.  We had several waves of people come and go throughout the afternoon and evening which gave us a chance to hang out with different people all day long and have really good conversations and not be overcrowded.  If you attended thanks for coming and making it a really enjoyable day, we hope you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours.

Having the housewarming behind us is a big relief, I didn’t realize how much energy we were putting into getting ready until it all came together.  When we woke up Sunday morning we decided to have a ‘do nothing day’ as a reward for having worked so hard for so long getting everything ready for the housewarming, which actually turned into a shopping day, which was ok too.  We took the whole family out to breakfast and then on a tour to various stores where we dropped money on an assortment of things we’ve needed and not yet gotten around to acquiring like school clothes and new shoes for Dillan, and little plastic thingies to go under the plants so the water doesn’t run over onto floors and furniture and other stuff and things like that there.  To wind up our day of money spending we stopped at Savers.  I love Savers and all thrift stores in general but Savers in particular.  We scored 3 new sweaters and a wool poncho for me that I just love, and a Dia De Los Muertos suit for Don so he can be stylin’ for the parade and some other things that I can’t remember right now.

Which reminds me to tell you about our recent trip to the indoor flea market (another of my very favorite places) which was a different shopping trip on a different weekend, but hey while we’re on the subject of purchasing really cool things for cheap….  We purchased two iron skillets, a meat grinder, a large cook pot, and very pretty basin w/pitcher for our bedroom dresser.  The big find though was a large cast iron cauldron, the kind I’ve been looking for for years and thought I would never find!  I was hoping to find a pressure canner but you can’t have everything all the time right?  Maybe next time.

Painting windows

making repairs to the fireplace

First fire of the season, featuring our lovely new cauldron.

The bigger picture.  Notice that those windows don’t look into the garage anymore?

The view out the bedroom window.  And my new basin and pitcher.  Followed by autumn color outside.

recent heavy rain flooded the south valley.

Followed closely by the first snow.

Stay tuned, Dia De Los Muertos coming soon.
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