Dia De Los Muertos

This was to be our 4th year to participate in the little homegrown community Dia De Los Muertos parade that happens here in the South Valley of Albuquerque.  Its as much fun as you can possibly have in one day and I have been anticipating it since last years parade ended.

This year we had invited many more people than we’ve had in previous years to come over and do face painting and costuming before the parade and then to all walk in the parade together.  We even went so far as to register this year and be official instead of just jumping in somewhere.  My body was achy and sore all over and I had a headache.  My son Wade was visiting and had stayed the night and so the four of us got up and went to the cafe for breakfast none of us having the energy to undertake any cooking.  While we were at breakfast I started feeling very overheated and we were all worried I might be getting sick.  We got back home and I laid down until the first guests arrived about noon then I dragged myself up and out to sit on the porch to be at least somewhat social as people were arriving and to ruminate over whether or not I had the energy to get dressed, get painted and walk in the parade.  I finally decided to get in the shower and see if that would help any, then into clothes, and face paint.  A little more food and I started to feel more like myself.  I’m so glad I stuck it out because it was a fantastic parade (as always) and I had a wonderful time.  I’ll quit rattling on now and let the pictures speak for themselves, here are three of my favorites.

The whole group of us at the house before the parade


The dancing dead.

The rest of the pictures can be viewed here.

After we’d had all the fun we could handle at the parade and danced until our feet were sore a group of us descended on Kelly’s to fill our bellies, visit and be stared at.  Its not everyday a group of dead people roust themselves from the grave to go out for dinner after all.

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