Business as Usual

Now that all of our social todo’s are behind us it’s back to business a usual at Johnny’s Garden.  For us that means back to work on the seemingly endless list of things to be done.  Starting with making sure the chickens don’t freeze this winter and that we have a space to plant come springtime.

The weather this weekend was beautiful so I started tilling the space that will be garden come spring.  I made pretty good progress and then ran into some really tough ground so decided to put the sprinkler on to make the ground a little softer. Unfortunately I made it too soft and had to forgo any tilling on Sunday and give it a chance to dry out a bit.  I’ve been having to work on it during the week in that little sliver of daylight that remains when I get home from work.

Partially tilled garden plot complete with chickens.

I’m back to painting windows too, in the bedroom this time, when its too cold or dark to work outside.  I’m starting to wonder if I’ll still be paining windows and doors this time next year.

Don in the meantime with Dill’s help has been hard at work on the long anticipated chicken coop renovations.  For a little perspective here are a couple of shots of the chicken coop before the renovations.
and how it looked as work progressed
starting with new walls
followed by wood protecting stain
Add a chicken door with ramp
And walla!! The chickens have a cozy new home.   After these pictures were taken Don and Dill made a walk through door and a door that can be slide in to cover the chicken hatch.  It looks wonderful, and now with a little fresh bedding the chickens will be warm and cozy all winter.
While the chicken coop looks all shiny and new, the chickens are looking a bit ragged around the edges.  It’s molting season, and our egg production has dropped off to about one a day.  We breifly considered adding lights to force laying over the winter but have decided against doing so in favor of letting nature have her way.  I’m of the opinion that it is more healthy for the chickens to be allowed to follow their own natural cycles.  So for now we’ll use up the eggs we have which is a considerable amount and wait for spring for new eggs.
Here’s Ruby looking a bit worse for wear.
And a few gratuitious chicken photo’s just because they’re so photogenic.
This is Baby, our one remaining chick from our dearly departed 4th Street.  She’s nearly all grown up now, but still doesn’t have a comb or even the start of one…very strange.
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