Lazy Days

I had the most wonderfully lazy holiday weekend with the just the perfect mix of family and friends and time to do nothing and to spend just with Don.  Thanksgiving day was really nice and relaxed with just family this year, the kids and the grandkids, Don and I.  We missed Wade who was with his girlfriend in Las Vegas, and Bella was at her Dad’s but aside from that it was a perfect day. We had all of the traditional fare plus a cranberry plum crisp and stuffed ourselves silly.  Friday I got to catch up with a friend from Colorado who I’ve not seen in 5 years.  We only had the one afternoon to spend together, but it was great to hang out and eat leftovers, soak in the tub, and reconnect over a bottle of wine. Saturday evening we had dinner with Leslie who is getting ready to leave for India for 3 weeks on Wed., can’t wait to hear about her trip and see pictures.

In and amongst having time for friends we did a whole lot of nothing, slept in late in the mornings, drank our coffee in bed looking out on the cold from beneath the cozy warmth of the electric blanket, had breakfast at the cafe every morning just to get us out of the house for a spell.  I had plenty of time to play around with the fiddle, read, and work on crochet projects.

I finished this afghan that I started last year for Wade

and started a pineapple motiff table cloth for the dinning table , amoung other things.

And that’s about the extent of anything productive aside from a little window painting in the bedroom. Cold weather does that for me and it was pretty cold and dreary out most of the weekend.

Now, about those tractor pictures I promised.  Isn’t he handsome?

And while I was shopping on craigslist I also found this gorgeous antique couch, someone has taken really good care of it, it’s in excellent condition and is exactly what I’ve been looking for for this room.  Now if I can find a couple of arm chairs to go with it….

But for now I have to stay away from craigslist for awhile, well except for this cord of wood, because you know we have to stay warm.  Very important keeping warm and all of our heat comes from wood.  I love craigslist!

Alright enough about all the great stuff you can find on cragslist.  Instead here a some beautiful purple asters, the last color of the year.

and a good day to you all from my adorable Jedi Knight.

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3 Responses to Lazy Days

  1. Don says:

    good post. I like the tractor pics

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