Suspended Animation

I’ve been feeling bad about not having made an entry lately, I generally try to say something here at least twice a month, and better yet once a week or so.  Its the cold weather; there is nothing going on at home besides some sewing, putting plastic on all the windows to keep the warm in and spending evenings soaking in the delicious warmth of the hot tub.  Not much to write home about.

We’ve been having quite a cold snap the temperatures dipping into the teens and 20’s pretty consistently for a week or so there, but it did warm up nicely over the weekend and everyone was anxious to get outside and get their little piece of the sun.

Perfect basking weather for cats.

And a good opportunity to get out and do some tractoring.

First order of business, drag this old piece of farm equipment out so it’s not in the way of where we want to build and get it out in the open where we can have a good look at it.

I’m fascinated by these old pieces of farm equipment and like to try and imagine the lives of the people who used them and what this property might have looked like then.  Unfortunately, I think both of these pieces are likely beyond restoration.

Moving on to the next order of business  moving the large compost pile covered in sticks and located precisely where we don’t want it and then to spread the compost underneath around in the garden area.

Large compost pile covered in sticks and waiting to be moved.

Also on the schedule, a tractor operating lesson  for me.  First Don demonstrated the proper technique.

The tractor made short work of the compost pile, pushing the sticks on top off behind the pile and then pulling the compost out into the garden area where it could be dispersed.

Spreading compost.

Smiling for the camera, so happy with his new tractor.

Then it was my turn.

It was a bit uncertain to start, first I tried to drive the tractor into the large stock tank and then I came close to running over Don, but after that I got the hang of it pretty quickly and was soon  knocking down the half of the compost pile assigned to me and spreading it around the garden like a pro, or at least a seasoned amateur.

The tractor really made light work of this chore which likely would have taken days upon days with shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows.  As it was in a few hours the job was complete right down to burning all the sticks that had covered the top of the compost pile and spreading the compost over the garden.  The area is now ready to be tilled and planted and the space for future poultry coops and green house are cleared and just waiting for the structures to start going up.  Don has already started laying out the plans and digging holes for the corner posts of the green house, so I suspect it wont be long before this area begins to look even more transformed.

Oh and one other thing.

It would appear that the racoons are hanging out on our front porch again.

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One Response to Suspended Animation

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey they are Rat-coons. this time they are big fat rat-coon, probably more interested in eating the cats than the cat food. Guess i will have to introduce them to ma dawg!

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