Meanwhile, back at Johnny’s Garden

Things have been a bit rocky around Johnny’s Garden of late. We’ve been caught up in a medical nightmare in which Don has been found to have lung cancer. This makes everything very uncertain, at least in the short term. Still there is reason for optimism, the tumor is small and in so far as we know right now has not involved any lymph nodes and has not metastasized. It seems we’ve caught it early and that its a non-small cell tumor which is more successfully treated and has much better survival statistics. So on the 3rd of February Don will have surgery to remove the tumor and will be incapacitated to some degree for an uncertain period of time. Likely he will be as much as a year recovering completely though he should be able to get up and around within a couple of weeks and hopefully be back to riding around on his tractor within a month.

Most of the time I and its probably safe to say we are caught someone between feeling optimistic and totally freaked out. The road that lies in front of us is frightening.

We don’t either of us know what to do really except to prepare as best we can and keep moving. We really want spring planting to happen, that’s what Johnny’s Garden is really all about after all, and we missed being able to grow anything last year. If we miss this year I think it will be a big blow to us both. So that’s a priority, which makes getting the green house at least started, and the heaviest work done quickly before the surgery happens. If we can get the post holes dug and the post’s set then there is a chance Dillan and I with Don’s supervision can finish it in time to plant seeds, otherwise we will be restricted to what we can direct sow. That will do if it has to be that way, but getting the green house built this winter has been a major goal. So we’ve been working on that the last couple of weekends, laying it out moving firewood thats in the way and renting a auger to dig the post holes. We have a lot more firewood to move now and then posts can start going up.

Inside the house we’ve started the remodel of the kitchen. We won’t complete the job until next winter because we’ll run out of time before spring, but we’ve made a good start of it. We took down that enormous monstrosity of a shelf and covered the old ugly wall board with new wood panelling already primed for painting, we’ve painted the walls a cheery sunflower color and Don has built a new set of shelves to replace the one that was there before. It’s looking really good and I’m excited to get the trim up and the shelves in. The next thing is the pantry and then that will be it for this year. Next year winter we will tile all of the counter tops and the wall behind the counters.

I have been taking some pictures which I’ll try to post here in the next couple of days. After that the journal will probably be put on hold for a few weeks while we get past the surgery and onto the road of recovery. But spring is just around the corner and things can only get better from here.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, back at Johnny’s Garden

  1. Leiah says:

    Thanks Diana,Nice website you have. Glad I was able to figure out who you are. Our best to Danny.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I assume the surgery went well and you both are recovering nicely. Many Blessings to you both.Diana

  3. Leiah says:

    Hi DianaThanks, unfortunately Don had a TIA about a week before the surgery was scheduled and so the surgery has been delayed until after Don can be evaluated by a neurologist on the 18th of the month.We're hopeful that we can get it scheduled again soon, and get this behind us though.

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