Picture Post

Catching up on some of what had been going on at Johnny’s Garden recently and some of the pictures I’ve been taking, starting with how the kitchen remodel looked and then how the green house and poultry pen planning and staging are coming along.

Here’s how the kitchen looked when we started right after we took down the really ugly shelf up that was on the south wall. Its not really noticeable, but Don had already installed the first panel of wall board in the corner.

Not a bad looking kitchen, but it could look so much better and be a lot better organized.

This ugly wall board had to go.  We chose an old fashioney looking wood paneling already primed.

Don installed the wall board on all of the walls that don’t have cabinets.

The panels are easy to install, cut to size, glue and then secure with finishing nails.

We picked a really pretty but not too bright sunflower yellow color, it coordinates well with the red tile floor and the maple colored cabinets.  It gives the kitchen a very cheery warm feel.

Don then built a beautiful set of shelves to replace the ugly one that we had before.

The shelves make much better use of that space and are perfect for storing large pots, canners and odds and ends while still leaving this counter top available.  I use this counter space constantly when I cook, having this broad expanse of space to spread out and work is so nice.

We still have the ceiling to paint and the rest of the trim to install but the majority of the work is done and the kitchen looks so different.  I love it and my wonderful husband for installing the shelves as part of my birthday surprise.  He does such fantastic work!

I just cant take enough pictures of my beautiful new kitchen or my smiling husband.

Next the cabinet with the butcher block top back in the corner next to the stove be repaired so that it doesn’t tip and be moved to the center of the floor and Don will build a pantry to where the cabinet is now.

And that will be it for this year.  Next year we will tile the counter tops and the wall behind and add a sheet of stainless steel or copper behind the stove.  Some decorative tile in the head board above the cabinets and the kitchen will be complete.  We haven’t chosen the tile yet, but we are thinking of something similar to the floor tile.

In the meantime things have been happening outside as well.  Our focus right now is on laying out the structures that will go up in the back on the garden side, green house, deck, poultry coops, tractor shed.  Towards that end we’ve been digging post holes and clearing the space.  We rented an auger and dug the holes last weekend and started setting poles.  We still have a ton or two of firewood to move but the project is starting to take shape.

This entire area will eventually be green house.  Its also a lovely shot of all the firewood that has to be moved.

The deck will go in this corner and poultry coops next to that.

Remember all that firewood that needs to moved?  We attached an old piece of chain link fence to the tractor with a large chain and then stacked firewood on the fence and drug it across the field to it new location with the tractor and then stacked it.  We did that several times, and made a small dent in the amount of work to be done.  The problem is no one has any enthusiasm for the job, in fact every time moving the firewood is mentioned everyone makes a sour face and finds something else to do.  Do on this particular day Don put an end to the firewood moving when he hooked his tractor to an old fence that needs  to come down and he and Dillan pulled out fence poles with the tractor for the rest of the afternoon.  They seemed to enjoy that chore much more than moving the firewood.  Here’s Don popping a wheelie with his tractor.

One last shot of my fantastic new kitchen and smiling husband whose acting pretty silly and modeling the sweater I’ve made him.

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