Spring Thaw

While Don and I continue to be in a holding pattern with his surgery postponed until after we see a neurologist next week, time continues to march on.  Winter is melting and the temperatures are starting to warm slightly; spring feels like it could be just around the corner.  Not that we’ve ever really had any winter white in the valley this year, this little bit of snow is the most we’ve seen this season.

Still, its been cold and gray, undeniably winter even without snow.  I’m tired of the gloom and ready for spring and green and warmer temperatures but we’ve been making good use of the time while we wait. The chicken coops and green house continue to take shape.

All of the uprights and cross bars for the poultry coops have been erected, and while it doesn’t look like much now this entire area will house a lot of meat chickens and turkeys later in the year.

View of the poultry coops from the opposite side, stretching all the way back to the current chicken coop where the laying hens will continue to be housed.

The tractor will have its own little barn  between chicken coops and green house and has started living there already.

Its all being built with elm trees that Don has been busily cutting down since last summer to allow sunlight into the garden and greenhouse.  I love the rustic look of it all and the money that we are saving on lumber.

This picture gives a better view of the layout, and the wonderful dark loamy soil.  We haven’t added any any manure yet and already the dirt looks rich and ready for seed.

And in and amongst all of the gloomy gray there have been a few fair sunny days to stretch out and enjoy the momentary warm.

I took advantage of this particularly warm Sunday afternoon to get outside and pot a few houseplants and wiggle my toes in the sunshine.

One thing that seems to be never changing regardless of weather is the steady stream of raccoons that visit.  This little fellow is the 5th that we’ve sent down the road to a new life in Algadones since the fall.

I noticed a few days ago that the bulbs that I thinned and replanted in the front flower bed this fall are poking  through the leaves, a sure sign that spring is on the way.

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2 Responses to Spring Thaw

  1. Don says:

    nice post. The wheel of the year continues to turn

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