I’ve been so busy lately working on moving the blog to it’s new site that I’ve not taken the time to tell you about all of the things that have been happening around Johnny’s Garden lately.  Like the first of this years  seeds arriving in the mail a few weeks back.

These come from Seeds of Change I like buying from them because they are a local company out of Santa Fe.   This will be the first year that we’ve planted seeds from this catalog, but I expect to be pleased with results.

Then there is the new garden gate Don built and installed last week to give us simpler access to the chicken coops, garden and greenhouse.

And we’ve knocked down all the fences in the back yard that were sectioning everything off.  Now the area is open and a garden retreat planned for the area complete with grape arbor, roses, ponds and an abundance of flowers.  Here is a before and after comparison.  This first picture was taken when we moved in last year.  See all the fences underneath the green?

And now, a much clearer if more barren landscape.

Now, if you were to say to me “that doesn’t look better at all”  I would be inclined to agree with you.   But the green will come back, soon.  And really there wasn’t much back there worth salvaging.  The trellis that you cant really see at the end of the sidewalk, we’ve saved and will reinstall it when the proper place for it presents itself.  The rose bushes which you can’t see in the first picture either, have been pruned and will be much better this year for the attention.  Most notably the grape vines which you CAN see in the first picture have been pruned back dramatically;  they were so overgrown that there really wasn’t any alternative, and now we can train them to a new arbor that we will be making soon.  Stay tuned and see how this area is transformed over the next year or two…

Speaking of transformations, check out the greenhouse!

Greenhouse builder posing impatiently for the camera.

And a few other amazing transformations.  Forsythia cuttings I made the first week of February to bring a little spring into our lives early

now look like this.

And Baby our only surviving chick from 4th street, has laid her first tiny egg.

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4 Responses to Transformations

  1. Good to see the progress and the signs of spring! I envy your earlier growing season than ours – we’re just now getting the seed order together to plant late May.
    And especially nice to see Don – you are in my thoughts for a healthy return once surgery is done in May. Blessings, Shellee

    • Leiah says:

      Thanks Shellee! I envy you your red rocks. I will admit it is nice to have the nice long growing season we have here in the valley. Do you use a greenhouse to extend your season, or cold frames?

      By the way, we’ve been trying for some time to get some soap through Melissa, and that isn’t working out so well. I’m not sure where we are in the whole process, but I’m wondering if we could possible get it through the mail. I’d also like to have some more of the jemez hippy perfume oil.

      I’ll let Don know that you are thinking of him, and thanks again.

  2. Wade McCullough says:

    Hey cool green house!!! and gate, I like that the trees have been put to very good use. We are starting to plan our garden over hear but I don’t think it will be nearly as much work as yours.

    • Leiah says:

      Thanks! and thanks for subscribing. You did didn’t you? I’m having some troubles with my feed so if you did subscribe and the posts are out of date order be patient the folks at wordpress support and trying to fix it. If you are having that problem though you can type this link into your browser and subscribe to it and it will work properly

      Hey, I almost forgot, I posted your letter up on oghamn and someone emailed me today and said that she wants to give you “a small monetary donation” seems she wants to at least interact with you in person though because she is asking how she can arrange to drop it off to you or have you pick it up. How do you want me to put her in touch with you? Also I have a $30 donation for you from Johndi’s if you remind me.

      I didn’t know you guys were planning a garden. How big is it going to be and what are you planting? You should come over and see the greenhouse in person its HUGE. Miss you. Love you too.

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