Cant Get Enough of Spring

Spring hasn’t even officially sprung yet and already I can’t get enough.

The greenhouse structure is completed and we are working on getting the beds ready.  I’ll post pictures when we get the beds made and the interior ready for planting.   Today Don will pick up our first load of compost and then another load over the weekend.  We’ll  get that tilled in and the garden will be ready for planting.  Tonight we’ll stop off at the house in Rio Rancho to pick up all my pots and seed trays so we can start planting.  I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil and get our first seeds and plants into the ground!  It will be a really momentous occasion for us, planting our first seeds at Johnny’s Garden.   We’ve always planted seeds on the first dark moon following Ostara and we will continue that tradition this year.   This weekend is Ostara so the next dark moon isn’t too far off.   I have to say though that waiting for the dark moon to role around in mid April will be hard this year; I’m overly anxious to start planting.

In other news we purchased a new farm truck on Wed.  We are continually finding ourselves needing a full sized truck for this task or that and we found  a 1975 Ford 3/4 ton pickup truck on Craigslist.    It’s been pressed into service already making trips to the dump and will haul it’s first load of compost in the morning.

And new chickens!  I never posted about our most recent raccoon attack in which we lost both Isabella and Ruby.  It was very gruesome and upsetting and I couldn’t bring myself to write about it until now.  The raccoon(s) carried  Ruby off leaving nothing but feathers behind, but they left Isabella for us to find half eaten.  Constance escaped with a broken leg.  We’ve tried in vain to trap the responsible beastie(s) and re-reinforced the eave of the chicken house where they managed to work their way in.  We were quite concerned about Constance initially, but she’s a tough bird and has rallied and is now able to walk though with a heavy limp. Its only been about 3 weeks since the attack and the leg continues to improves daily so the outlook for her is good.  She will always have a crooked leg, but she will live and be able to do all of the things she did before.  Anyhow we’ve acquired 4 new chickens to bolster our sadly decreased flock.  We’ll order day old chicks soon, I think, we are vacillating over whether to wait a week or so and buy chicks locally off of craigslist or to mail order.  Either way, we will soon be adding additional young laying birds and starting meat birds.  Chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese are on the menu planned.  Pictures of the new chickens coming soon too, I would have taken pictures already expect that I was too distracted by spring.

I’ll leave you with pictures of some of yesterdays distractions.

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One Response to Cant Get Enough of Spring

  1. Don says:

    Hopefully we will not get a hard freeze and ruin the apricot crop. if we don’t have a freeze we will have more apricots than we know what to do with.

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