Winter Came Calling

On the first day of Spring we woke up to winter outside our bedroom window.

One of the things I like best about our bedroom is that we have no window coverings so its almost like waking up outside, only warmer.  I love to lay in bed early in the morning and watch the day come alive.

On this particular Ostara morning I sat in our bed cozy, warm and sipping coffee and watched the large flakes falling peacefully from the sky and worried about our apricot trees.  It wasn’t long before the winter weather got me out of bed and headed outside with the camera to get some pictures before it all melted (this is NM after all) and to check on the apricots.

So here are the best winter pictures of the year, it was pretty easy there haven’t been many to choose from but some of these are really pretty good.  Guaranteed to make you feel down right chilly.

Turns out the snow was gone by mid day and it looks like the apricots survived (keeping our fingers crossed) for now.  The day was mild but we were out in the afternoon working in the green house and garden and spring was once again underway.

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