Busy Hopping

The spring weather has been keeping us really hopping the last couple of weeks, getting the green house finished and the garden plot ready for irrigation and seeds, making a brooder in preparation for baby chicks due to arrive next week.  What with all that’s going on around here I haven’t had time to even take any new pictures.  I do have a few to share from a week or so back that I never got around to posting about before the spring to do list hit full force.

These are the view of the interior of the green house as we got beds laid and started moving plants in.

Laying brick paths and defining beds.  I really love the light quality in the green house, its so soft and warm.

Completed beds with compost added.  We will irrigate in the greenhouse and our soil is already very good so we opted to not build raised beds.

This end of the green house still needs some work.  We will seal and fill the stock tank to add humidity and provide a source of pond water that the plants really adore.  I will one day get around to making a brick path up there and planting creeping thyme to grow around and between the bricks, then add work table and shelves.  For now though we can plant in here and that’ s the most important part.

I jumped in and  quickly started doing just that the instant the beds were done and planted these herbs I had been needing to get into the ground.  Since this picture I’ve planted more and the entire length of this center bed is already devoted to kitchen herbs.  Other things planned for the greenhouse include beds devoted to greens for over winter, strawberries and chamomile and more kitchen herbs.  If you know me at all you know I drink a lot of chamomile tea, in fact it is my beverage of choice and I’m looking forward to growing my own.

So that’s the green house, or at least it was a week ago.  And now here are those new chickens.

These ladies are quite impressed with Henry and they follow where ever he leads.   Mostly.

Constance with her broken leg,

and Baby, have no time for Henry’s ego or his ear stunning attempts at being a real boy, they know where the big worms are.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…

Ok, maybe YOU haven’t been waiting with baited breath for the asparagus to awaken, but I have.

We’ve planted seeds and will be direct sowing corn, beans, and some other early crops (hope we’re not too late) into the garden this weekend, so I will be updating on that and adding to the In The Garden page soon.

In the meantime I hope your enjoying spring, it showed up just for you.

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