Bringing it up to date

I’m not sure how I’ve gotten behind so quickly, must be all of the hard work we’ve been doing around here!  Everything seems totally different since the last post I made and that was less than a week ago, of course the pictures were already dated by over a week when I posted them, but its amazing how quickly things change in the spring time.

The greenhouse is the most remarkably changed, its already starting to brim with life.  I’ve have either planted or have on hand to plant as soon as I get a spare moment in excess of 25 herbs and have more planned.   It will feel so good to be able to wander out to the greenhouse and pick all of the herbs I want to cook with  and throw them fresh into the pot again.  I’ve refused to make lasagna since we left the greenhouse in Rio Rancho and the herbs there, it just isn’t the same without the fresh basil, oregano and thyme, but now lasagna is back on the menu.

Seedlings are starting to germinate,

and onions, garlic and potatoes are just dying to spread their roots

The garden too is greatly changed, now made up in rows and just waiting for plants and seeds, laying open and ready to receive all of the hopes and dreams we’ve invested in it.  I couldn’t help but realize last weekend as I was planting the first rows of spinach, broccoli, arugula and quinoa how invested financially, but more importantly how emotionally invested we are in this small one acre plot of land.

But rather than wander down that philosophical path, let me tell you instead about Henry.  You remember Henry.

He’s giving it his best with the ladies, though I must say he’s got a lot to learn about finesse, and the way to properly woo the women.

Still he’s not without kindness or caring and I think he will turn into a good rooster.  For now though,  Baby is having none of it, not just for herself, but for all of the other hens as well; she’s appointed herself head somethingorother chicken in charge of everyone’s chastity  and charges across the yard body slamming poor Henry every time he makes even the smallest attempts with any of the girls.

She keeps a very close eye on him and I’m sure he feels henpecked as she takes it upon herself to give him a few good licks every so often just for good measure.  I have no doubt that at some point Henry will come into his own and the balance of power will shift, but in the meantime its a welcome distraction from the backbreaking garden work to enjoying a chuckle at Henry’s expense.

Less entertaining but more practical here’s a shot of our new old farm truck that I mentioned a while back.  It needs some cosmetic work but it’s mechanically sound and its already well on its way to having paid for itself.

And I’ve been back at it again on craigslist.  Have I ever mentioned that I love craigslist, or that I’m amazing?  Not only did I find a great deal on the truck we’ve just bought on craigslist, now I’ve found us a disc plow for the tractor, a much coveted and desirable possession that we’ve been looking to acquire since we purchased the tractor last fall.  We’ve already paid for it and will take possession of it this weekend.  We have to rent a trailer to go pick it up as ours is not quite big enough.  Unfortunately its too late to be of use with this years garden, but it will make next years work seem like nothing in comparison to the bone jarring tilling we’ve done with the rototiller this year.  I know it will be hard for Don to wait at least until late fall to be able to play with this new toy, but he’ll have something to look forward to.

For a complete detail of all the goings on in the garden and the greenhouse be sure to have a look at that the In The Garden 2010 page.

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2 Responses to Bringing it up to date

  1. Wade McCullough says:

    Wade: Poor Henry…. I feel his pain. Everything has transformed in J’s G! put up some pictures of the silly dogs too!

    Cozette: I’m a Craigslist addict too. My days don’t feel complete until i check out the list!

  2. Leiah says:

    Pictures of the silly dogs coming up. You can come and visit them yourself you know. And you both really should come and see Bogie and Bacall before the grow up, while they’re still really cute and cuddly. They grow fast so come soon.

    Craigslist rocks!!

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