Anticipated Abundance

It looks like we will be rolling in fruit this year, apricots, plums, cherries, apples, even the little nectarine and peach trees look primed to produce like crazy.

abundance of plums

Most of the fruit is too small yet to get good pictures of, but look at the plums…

and apricots

Don said yesterday, “all Johnny’s Garden needed was someone to love it”.  I’m inclined to think he’s right, if the fruit trees are to be believed.  They seem to be giving back to us all the love and attention we’ve given to this place over the last year.

Yesterday we spoke to a woman who owns a local bakery and is interested in buying some of our apricots and maybe some cherries too which is good since we are going to have much more than we will know what to do with.   More on the fruit trees as the season continues, but for now there are other pretties to look at.

Lilacs for instance.  I love lilacs, the are my favorite spring time treat.   And they smell even better if you go outside.

But the periwinkle is lovely too.

And does anyone know what this beauty is?

The flowers look like honeysuckle now, though they didn’t a few days ago, but the leaves don’t resemble honeysuckle at all.  It smells delicious for what that’s worth.

The garden is coming along too,  you’ll have to check out the In The Garden 2010 page for updates on that.  But here’s a quick peek anyhow.

of arugula just up.

Just a shot of that new disc plow we got for the tractor,

and the beginnings of a new chicken house

and I just have to show you the deluxe brooder Don built

So that I can show you the most adorable things you’ve ever seen.  Our new guard geese.  Meet Bogie and Bacall.

This is Bogie

and this is Bacall.

I have to tell you that their adorability rating is off the scale.   If your local you should stop by and have a cuddle with these two Embden goose babies, they will steal your heart.  Really.  Of course they won’t be this cute forever, in fact by this summer they will be patrolling the garden ready to take on any rascally raccoons that are thinking they might try and make a smorgasbord of our garden.  Geese are know to be very territorial and can be quite vicious about defending whats theirs.  They are still too young to sex, but we have reason to believe that we do actually have a male and a female. Only time will truly tell though so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for now.  I’m sure you will be seeing much more of these two.

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7 Responses to Anticipated Abundance

  1. Wade McCullough says:

    Mom, we are coming to see the geese. soon!

    • Leiah says:

      you better hurry, they are really growing fast, you can almost see the grow. Plus we are out of town for Beltane next week and then after that is Don’s surgery. Better come this weekend. Love U.

  2. Don says:

    Nothing cuter in the world that baby geese

  3. Diana says:

    I would love to come see the babies. Not sure where you live here in the Valley, or when is good for you. We won’t be at Beltaine again this year, can’t bring Luna and don’t have anyone to watch her. She has never been alone overnight and is a clingy little girl.

    • Leiah says:

      We live off of Bridge and Goff, that’s not too far from you I think. You could probably come over for a quick peek Mon. Tues or Wed. of this week, then we’ll be off to Beltaine. After that Don has his surgery. Let me know if you want to come one of those evenings though, I think we will mostly be home getting packed and ready.

      Otherwise, we are taking some short video’s of them and I’ll be posting them here at some point.

      Be well. Sorry you won’t be able to make it to Beltaine.

  4. Diana says:

    Danny said Wed would be fine for us. He gets off work around 2 so anytime after that is great. What time is good for you? My cell phone is with me in the garden, which is where I am headed now. You can call if you like, 688-5769. Blessings on your day, Diana.

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