Alive and Doin’ Fine

With Don’s surgery behind us, we are back home at Johnny’s Garden getting our feet back underneath us and letting Don heal.  The surgery was last Wed. and by Friday night we were back home with our heads spinning and our hearts full of relief and gratitude.  We had the best possible outcome, the tumor was malignant but it was a stage 1a non small cell cancer and so Don’s long term prognosis is very good and it’s very doubtful (according to both the surgeon and the pulmonologist) that Don will require chemotherapy or radiation.  He will be followed closely with CT scans and X-rays but the outcome really could not be more positive.  For now Don will be on oxygen as he heals which will reduce as he and his lungs recover and get stronger, and he’ll start a 2 month/3 day a week pulmonary rehab. later this month, but thats all for the good.  Don tires easily and is still in a fair amount of pain but over all is feeling very good.  We are incredibly relieved to put this behind us and move forward with all of the goals we have for Johnny’s Garden and all the things we want to do and experience  together.  Not only did we survive this most nightmarish event, but everything here is thriving.

The baby chicks in the brooder are about 4 weeks now.

and growing fast.  Speaking of growing fast.  Remember Bogie and Bacall?

These pictures of their first bath in the kitchen sink were taken the last week of April.  By the time Don got out of the hospital they had outgrown the brooder and needed to be moved out to the chicken yard.  Now.

Don had already built a chicken house and all of the kids and grandkids and Melissa’s partner Doug came to the rescue the morning after Don got out of the hospital and built a fence and installed two gates so that the geese could move out of the brooder and temporarily into the new chicken house.

Even the grandkids pitched in. 

Bogie and Bacall are  SO happy in the new diggs.  Thank you Doug, Melissa, Sarah, Wade, Dillan, Aidan and Bella for all the help!

The next day Dillan and I painted the new chicken house to match the existing one.  The chicken yard is really starting to take shape.

Hard to believe that when we brought these guys home less than a month ago they fit in the palm of my hand.

Everything is thriving outside of the chicken coop too. 

And the garden is doing great too.  Click over here for details on the garden.  But first, let me show you what Don’s been up to during his convalesence, the only way to keep him down is to sit on him.

Building nesting boxes.  Think he’s expecting a lot of eggs?

Alive and doin’ fine one week and one day post surgery.

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2 Responses to Alive and Doin’ Fine

  1. wade says:

    Life is Good!

  2. Henry Rael says:

    Yay! So glad to see things are going well. What wonderful neighbors.

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