First Fruits

Its been all about the fruit lately, well vegetables too, but really its been fruit for weeks now.  First the mulberries, 2 gallons of mulberries.

What to do about all these mulberries?  There’s cobblers, cobbler is good, we’ll definitely want cobblers.  And pies, yes pies  and crisps too.  But really.  How many mulberry pies, cobblers and crisps does one family really need a year because its not like the mulberries trees aren’t going to produce next year.  So, 9 cups of mulberries cleaned, stemmed and frozen for cobblers, pies and crisps that still leaves A LOT of mulberries.  What else can you do with mulberries?  Syrup?  Mulberry syrup it turns out is a favorite with the Lebanese, they call it sharab al-toot it’s a traditional drink consisting of mulberry syrup diluted with water and served over ice, great on a hot summer afternoon.  Coincidentally it also happens to be great on pancakes, waffles, french toast, and is fantastic over ice cream or any other desert.  I haven’t yet tried it in smoothies but my guess is that would be tasty too.

Delicious!  And even better its quick and easy to make and doesn’t involve picking off stems which make cuts on the tips of my fingers.  So we now have more mulberry syrup than any one person needs in a lifetime, and we have yet another harvest of mulberries waiting to be turned into syrup, but more about that later because the cherries ripened right on the heels of the mulberries.

That’s mulberry syrup behind the cherries by the way, not all of it I’d already given several bottles and jars away and there is more in the refrigerator filling up my sun tea jar because I ran out of jars long before I ran out of syrup.  We really are overflowing with  mulberry syrup.  But cherries.  So far we’ve picked 6 six of these large colanders full of cherries.  I’m still deciding what to do with the cherries.  Cobblers, pies crisps yes.  Jam, of course but what else to do with all these  cherries.  Sound familiar?  No I’m not planning on making cherry syrup, that would just be silly.

I don’t have a plan yet, haven’t had time to come up with one.   For now I’m pitting and freezing and I’ll decide with to do with them later because there are still cherries to pick and already we’ve picked the first bucket of apricots.  Really.  Its all about the fruit around here.

I came home from work to find these slightly bruised apricots that had fallen from the tree.  Time to pick apricots.

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