No place like home

It’s been a year this week since we moved into Johnny’s Garden.  What a year!  When I go back and read through the archives its amazing how much we’ve accomplished and how much things have changed.  The Johnny’s Garden of today barely resembles the property we were so charmed by last May.  We had such aspirations, most of which we’ve made happen the rest of which will get done in their time, and we are working hard every day towards our goals of a more natural, sustainable and simple lifestyle.

First year slideshow

I remember the weeks leading up to our closing on the house when I would drive over during my lunch hour just to look and try to take in the fact that this magical place was going to be our home, that all those dreams we’d been dreaming for so long were possible.  For months after we moved in every time I would pull into the driveway I would be struck by the awesomeness of the place and even now I still always take a minute before I get out of the car to just take it all in.  I love Johnny’s Garden.

I know that by this time next year we will have more accomplishment’s to recount and will be closer still to living that dream we carry in our heads and I know too that I will still be fed and enchanted by this wonderful place we call home.

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