All work and no play

We are right smack dab in the middle of too much to do these days.   There is something needing to be done from sunup to sundown and we could use a couple more days in the week, thank you very much.

It feels like there isn’t a moment to loose.  This little rooster is the epitome of life moving too fast and is a perfect illustration of how I feel most of the time.

There are herbs to harvested and hung to dry,

fruit to be picked

and processed.

The geese need their very own house,

and there is a never ending supply of weeds and grass in the garden needing to be pulled.  And did I mention the ridiculously long to do list of miscellaneous chores?

Of course there is still time to relax and have a nice refreshing dip in the pool,

or an early morning nap in the sun

even a good long dust bath

Unless of course you happen to be human.

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One Response to All work and no play

  1. Don says:

    Like that runnin’ chicken. he is booking it

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