We are having a very exciting if busy summer at Johnny’s Garden.  Its been so rewarding to harvest the fruit and put it up in jars or in the freezer knowing that we’ll have that food to sustain us over the winter.  And while the garden is certainly demanding, its doing very well and soon we’ll be harvesting vegetables.  As with any new venture we’ve already seen flaws in the way we have done things this year and we are rethinking next years garden, both in what we plant and where we plant it as well as the structure of the garden itself.

Keeping up with the food production has been so time consuming that there hasn’t been much energy or time left over for many new projects.  Don has completed the new geese house that we disassembled and moved from Sarah’s and its really too cute.  I don’t think I’ve taken any pictures where the entire house can be seen, so I’ll remember to do that.  Aside from that, its been all about keeping up with what we already have going.

All of our animals are flourishing, the geese are quickly growing into their jobs as garden guardians against raccoons.  We are still closing them up in their house at night right now because while they are getting quite large they aren’t grown yet and at the moment  loosing a harvest to raccoons isn’t a concern.  They do have the run of the garden during the day and are definitely starting to show their aggressive nature, Mac just can’t understand why they’re so unfriendly and keep biting him on his nose when he’s just trying to make nice.   I’m confident that if they are willing to take on Mac now they will be ready to do battle with the raccoons come fall.   The baby chicks that arrived in April  are well into adolescence now.   I think that we’ve only lost 2 of the 30 chicks and one of those was within just a day or two of their arrival.  Not bad.  Within the next month the Aracana’s will be ready big enough to move in with the laying hens and we’ll start working on increasing our flocks of both laying hens and meat birds.  For now Baby is doing her level best to add to flock hatching out her first two baby chicks on the 4th of July.  We’ve also started our duck flock with 4 new little ducks and a questionable bird which I think is another goose like Bogie and Bacall and Don thinks is a larger duck.  Time will tell.  Pictures of all of these adorable little additions coming soon.

Also under the heading of new additions to the barnyard is Yiska.   For as long as I can remember I’ve been crazy about horses.  I didn’t really think I would ever own another horse and for the last 17 years I’ve tried to ignore that little hole in my heart where my horse lived.   But that’s all over because now there’s Yiska.

Buying Yiska right now was a really hard decision for me to make and I waffled back and forth about it for several weeks, but I’m so glad I did.  He’s so sweet and loving and I fell for him from the very first.   He isn’t living in our barnyard yet, we have a lot of work to do before we can bring him home, cleaning out and repairing the barn and stalls, fencing, a hay shed.   For now he’ll stay where he is with Rose in Belen and I’ll visit him regularly while we both get back in shape and get to know each other.  I hope you like horses because I’m sure he’ll be showing up here frequently.

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