Goodbye Apricots Hello Corn

Things are settling a bit at Johnny’s Garden now that apricot season has wound down and we’ve got the garden weeding pretty well under control.  I lost count of the number of quarts of apricots I froze and dried or juiced.  Suffice it to say that we have 3 freezers full of apricots, and we’ve given gallons upon gallons upon gallons away to anyone who was willing to come and get them.  There are still some on the tree if you want them give a call and come with your bucket.  It was a brilliant year for apricots.  We  were at sunflower river this weekend and they showed us a whole table full of apricots from our trees that they have canned.  If they post pictures I will link to them here, they looked marvelous.    Once I get started canning veggies I’ll can some of the apricots too, otherwise I won’t be able to freeze anything else this season.

In other news, the corn is tasseling and we have our first little ears, green beans are really winding up and getting ready to start giving us more beans that we can eat and we have our first ripe tomatoes and squash.  All promises of a bountiful harvest to come.

The monsoons have come too finally and the cool rainy weather we’ve had for the last few days is a welcome relief from the humid heat of the last several weeks.  According to the weather channel this lovely monsoon weather should continue at least for the next 10 days.  Good news for me I love this kind of weather and the garden does too.  I expect the corn will grow a foot and so will the weeds.   It will be a good time to get in the green house and pull weeds while its cool and rainy and not so hot and humid.

I want to start sowing seeds for fall in the next week or so, another batch of arugula, spinach, chard…. maybe some broccoli and cabbage.  All things I didn’t get in early enough in the spring to have a good harvest with the exception of the arugula.  Don is planing another late course of corn this week too, to keep the harvest going well into the fall.  It’s hard to believe we are talking about fall already, seems like we’ve just started to get into the rhythm of summer.  Zoom!

We have to make some decisions about the little chickens soon, which aren’t very little anymore btw.   Turns out we have too many aracana roosters for the number of hens we’ve ended up with.  And while we plan on getting more hens we still have too many roosters.   If you are interested in having an aracana rooster or two you should give us a call unless your just wanting to put it in the cook pot, we can do that, we’re hoping to find a better situation for them than that.

I’ll get out there with the camera and take some pictures this week, things are changing so fast right now that the camera is the only way to slow them down.

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