Goodnight Henry

We said farewell to Henry this week.  We had too many roosters, and Henry never was really a part of the plan ( he was Hazel to start with) and when he killed one of the aracana roosters that we did want to keep well that spelled the end for Henry.   He is the first of the animals that we’ve raised that we butchered and will eat.  We’ve talked a lot about this up to this point, how we would feel about killing animals that we’ve raised, about the need to feel more connected to the process and the obligation we have as meat eaters to be responsible for the well being of the animal during life and the humane treatment of it during slaughter.    I knew it wouldn’t be easy emotionally, and I don’t think it should be.  I think that if it is easy then something is wrong.  I’ll miss Henry, we both will, even chickens have personalities and character traits and Henry was funny and a good rooster to the hens.  It will be some time before I quit looking over my shoulder expecting him to try and ambush me.  But I roasted him last night and tonight I will cook him up with home grown apricots and pasta with a side of veggies from the garden and that feels good and right too.

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