Summer on the Farm

Here we are right in the middle of  what we work for all year long; the first tomatoes ripening on the vine, fresh green beans and squash for dinner most nights, new babies.

these are our newest additions, BB, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb, the Berry Brothers Blackberry  and Bayberry.

Of course they’ve grown some since these pictures were taken.  They’re big boys now.

Our chicken Baby has new babies too, five of them to start with,

down to one baby now.   Here’s a picture from when there were still two.

The first year of growing our own food is going pretty well so far.   Next year we will do some things different taking into account the lessons of this year,  but all in all we can’t complain,  we are going to bring in a fair harvest.  The garden is looking wonderful despite the abundance of weeds that no amount of weeding can keep ahead of,  and we have every reason to be pleased with our accomplishments and look forward to life and farming becoming easier as we learn more and put polish on details.

These are some of the sights you would see walking around in the garden this week last week, our first butternut squash,

Tahitian squash,

bush beans,

green chilis

and yellow peppers.

The pole beans gracefully climbing towards the sun,

corn tasseling,

more squash,

and tomatoes and okra too.

The garden is everyone’s favorite place to be right now,

Its fun to share the garden with ducks and geese and chickens.  Kanai unfortunately is an unwelcome visitor these days, having made off  with one of babies little chicks.

Its wonderful how last years field of head high weeds and grass has been transformed into this

and this

and this

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2 Responses to Summer on the Farm

  1. Wade says:

    yum… Cozette and I would like to come to dinner soon, let me find out how our schedules look next week.

  2. Leiah says:

    That would be nice, I’d like that.

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