My Sweet Bran

Last Wed. evening I played Bran’s favorite game with him spraying him with the hose as he jumped and played and ran in the water.  Bran was a Chessie, a water dog, and he lived for being sprayed with the hose, that was the shit.  You almost wouldn’t have known he’d been so sick these last couple of months he played so happily.

I’m so glad to have had the few last precious moments of play with him because  that night he refused his dinner and his hotdog and during the night he took a turn for the worse.  By Thursday morning he had trouble standing and needed help to get up and was very weak.  We were getting ready to leave for a 4 day weekend and knew that he would not make it through the weekend the thought of leaving him to die alone was unthinkable, and it was unfair to leave the person who was caring for our pets while we were gone in that situation.  Bran was so tired, it wasn’t fair to ask anymore of him he clearly didn’t have it to give.

Bran was always so patient and sweet even when he was in pain he tolerated whatever doctoring had to be done without complaint without ever showing a desire to bite or flee, he just trusted and endured always just wanting to be a good dog and be loved.  I couldn’t bear the idea of him having to endure anymore.  Such a sweet and loving soul,  the perfect picture of unconditional love.

We were both with him, I sat on the floor next to him with his head in my lap talking to him loving and encouraging him as he gently slipped out of this life Thursday morning.  I will miss Bran for a long time and wish I had more time with him that what I had.    Goodbye my sweet, gentle Bran.

Soon we will scatter Bran’s ashes into the irrigation water so that he can pass into the ground in this place where he was the most happy, through the water he loved and be with us always a part of the cycle of life death and rebirth of Johnny’s Garden.

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2 Responses to My Sweet Bran

  1. Wade says:

    Bran had an Amazing Life. Now he is with the water.

  2. mom says:

    Sorry he is no longer with you in person, but his spirit will never leave you. Sorry for the loss of such a gentle dog.

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