It’s not all that, but its pretty damn close!

I spent the whole month of the August slappin’ flies and mosquito’s, pulling weeds, picking fruits and vegetables, canning and lovin’ on my horse.  Not necessarily in that order.  Its been a busy month and hasn’t left much time for blogging.

This first year garden has fallen a bit short of our visions of grandeur, but visions aside it hasn’t been all bad, in fact there has been a fair amount to feel good about.  The tomato plants look really sad, but continue to produce quite well despite a brief period of blossom end rot that we successfully warded off.  Green beans and chile have been amazing.  The squash started off beautifully and then literally began to wither and die on the vine.  We were pleased with the corn we have but would have like to have had  more and bigger ears.

We won’t end up with enough food to see us through the winter without having to supplement from the grocery store, but we are  well stocked on what did well and there is still a lot of harvesting to come.

For now let me show you some of the harvest we have had.

The squash started out so well, too bad they didn’t continue that way.

This was a day to harvest some of everything.  I made fruit leather for the first time with some of those nectarines.  It was delicious!

Its  been raining green beans, chile and little yellow pear tomatoes.  We’ve been harvesting at least this many green beans sometimes as often as twice a week.  I never thought I would say I’m tired of garden fresh green beans, but I think I may be tired of garden fresh green beans.

However weary we might be of green beans, I don’t know that we’ll ever tire of fresh tomatoes and basil.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of canning too, here’s what the larder was looking like a few weeks ago.  Those shelves Don built me last winter are really coming in handy now.

Included here are pears, nectarines, plums, corn, green  beans (in the back where you can’t see them) and a small jar of okra.  At the time I was pretty pleased with this accomplishment,  but since then I’ve canned about 10 quarts of green beans and more corn as well.  Now I’m feeling like a canning pro.

We dug up a few potatoes this evening and it looks like we will have a decent crop.  It’s time to dig up onion and garlic too.  Chiles, green beans and tomatoes continue to produce and we still have a late planting of corn before the season is over.   We’ve started to wind up and clean up the garden and to plan for next year taking into account all of  the things we’ve learned this season.   Its been a good start despite our small disappointments and we’re taking stock of all of the good things we do have to feel grateful for.

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2 Responses to It’s not all that, but its pretty damn close!

  1. kat says:

    it all looks great! green beans make the *best* pickles! we have put up several quarts this year, too. and yay for nectarines! what a treat. a nectarine tree is on my list for our next tree-planting spree. 🙂

    • Leiah says:

      Thanks! I never thought of green beans for pickles, until Jenny and I were talking about it at Sandy’s the other day. I’ve been hot packing mine so I can use them by themselves or in stews and casseroles. They sure are tasty.

      The pictures from your harvest fest looked like everyone had a great time. Don and I decided we would take a day to ourselves to just hang out together, we haven’t had one in months!

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