Yiska and I have our first grand adventure

Last month I was particularly privileged to be included on a competitive trail ride in Santa Fe on a fine summer day with new friends horse and human alike.  On a beautiful Saturday morning, we met at 4:30 AM in Belen to load horses and drive to Santa Fe for a 10 mile trail with 8 obstacles under a mild Autumn sun and gorgeous  NM high mesa backdrop.

this is our group at the starting gate ready to set out

I have to say, we were a pretty impressive looking posse.

Both horse and rider were judged on 8 different timed obstacles placed at intervals through out the 10 mile course.  Our group won 4 of the top 6 places.

Donna and Peppy took first place.

Lilly and Yeller took third.

Robin and Squirt took fourth place

and Jennifer and Chief took sixth.

It was a monumental day!  Horseback riding  doesn’t get much better than that.   By the time we got home that evening I was exhausted, starving and ecstatic and ready to do it all again.  Yiska and I didn’t bag any prizes this time but we did come away with  a grand adventure and one hell of a good time!  We can’t wait for the next ride.

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