Equinox Day

Aaaahhhh, fall.   I have a few pictures from the equinox day to share.  Starting with spiders, because you know spiders are really cool.

This is the time of year when we start to see a lot of zipper spiders.  I spied this beauty when I went to cut flowers.

This lady has set up housekeeping  right next to our front porch light, where she has been feasting on moths attracted to the light for the last month or so.  We’ve been noticing that she’s been getting quite plump, we thought it was the moths but it turns out she is an expectant mother.  Yay, spider babies!

Isn’t this spectacular?  I got lucky with this one it’s definitely better than last years best spider picture and last years picture was very good.

It rained all day on the equinox, when it let up briefly during the afternoon I ran out to cut flowers and everything had such a washed clean look that I had to snap a few pictures.  Living in a desert makes rain a special event.

This pear will turn a brilliant red soon if I remember correctly.

Inside we were preparing to celebrate the full moon and the equinox.  Nothing says celebration like flowers stolen from a spider.

And the rain made it a perfect day for the first fire as a backdrop for the evenings altar.

A sampling of this years harvest, this is meant to be an altar of plenty.

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  1. Don says:

    very good post honey

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