Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head

Remember that old song?  Anyway…..

If I didn’t live at Johnny’s Garden I might think that it had shriveled up and blown away in the dry New Mexico wind.   But  everyone and everything is just as it should be despite my total lack of ambition to write about it.

Today we are drinking in the first moisture we’ve had in months and months and months to be exact.  Hour after hour the rain continues to steadily fall with no signs of stopping.  And tomorrow they promise snow!  An occasion for relief and celebration for us desert dwellers.

Since I last wrote we’ve finished up the fall tasks and settled into a winter waiting for spring routine.  The garden has been plowed,  we’re collecting eggs faster than we can sell them (still) and planning to order more chicks probably this month.

We’ve starting preparations to bring Yiska home to live, beginning with cleaning out the barn so that repairs can begin.  The barn will be nice, big,  comfie, at least that’s how I envision it, with saddles and bridles on the wall, a fire in the stove, the smell of leather, hay and manure.   I want to put the large wood burning stove that we just took out of the house and put it in there, or alternately the smaller one that we bought on sale a couple of years ago and never got out of the box.  Either way, it will be warm when we need it to be.  There is plenty of room in there to have a couple of good sized stalls if we want there to be and certainly to be able to milk goats, brood chicks or tend to a sick or injured animal.    It needs some pretty major repairs, windows and boards replaced, electricity?  It has to be leveled which will be a big job that we will probably have to have help with.  But for now all the crap the previous owners left behind has been cleaned out and hauled to the dump and it is possible to go in there without being afraid of large spiders or hantavirus.  Progress.  I’m very excited.

Inside the house we’ve decided to replace our ancient wood burning stove with a new fangled, much cleaner and more efficient pellet stove that is being installed today and Don has acquired the materials he needs to start the building of a kitchen pantry.

I have pictures of all this and more to post and hopefully I’ll be able to make the time to get them from the camera to the computer and to the blog by Monday.   In the meantime I hope your enjoying the rain and if your not feel free to vicariously enjoy it through me.

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