Barnyard Begginings

The next big project at Johnny’s Garden is  the barn yard, we want to get goats and bring Yiska home.    We have the makings of a good barn and a couple of really nice stalls but like everything else around here its going to take work.  Lots of work.  The barn was clearly the dumping ground going back a good 30 years or so for the previous inhabitants and the stalls were similarly full of old fencing and shopping carts and other miscellaneous scraps of stuff.   But  aside from lacking roofs they are sturdy cement block and are in decent shape.

That is a cement slab under those leaves that will unfortunately need to go.   Hard, back breaking work.   That will probably end up being most difficult part of this whole project.

The exterior of the barn.  In decent shape.  Imagine it red.  The interior was not so pretty, in  fact it was down right scary.  When we bought the property it was occupied by feral cats and I’m sure its seen its fair share of resident rodents.  The pictures really don’t do justice to how scary it was,  yes we wore masks!  Its a good thing neither of us has a thing about spiders, I never did see a single spider but the entire barn was blanketed from floor to ceiling in spider webs unfortunately the pictures really don’t show them off very well.

There are a couple of areas like this where boards will need to be replaced and the whole building is  going to have to be leveled and set up on pier blocks, more heavy work.  But for this day we could look around and feel pretty good, we’ve got a long way to go yet, but at least by the time we’d filled up the trailer the barn wasn’t scary anymore.

It was such an exciting day, everyone came out to see what all the fuss was about.

So its a start.  The easy part is done now and the hard work begins, starting with a huge dead poplar tree that has to come down before fence can go up.  We’ll tackle that this weekend and then go from there.  Hopefully by late spring we’ll be ready for Yiska to come home and to get goats.

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