One Step Closer

We cut down a really large, very dead poplar tree in the back this weekend that had to come down before we could proceed with putting up the fencing for the barnyard.  This brings us one step closer to bringing Yiska home and having a real barnyard!

There were two of these dead poplar trees on the property when we moved here and I consider us to be VERY fortunate that both of them have come down without injury anyone or anything.  Considering that both trees could have easily taken out major structures like the house, barn or cars this really does feel quite lucky and we both let go a large sigh of relief when the second tree came down without incident yesterday.  The first tree came down in a wind storm all by itself last beltane, we arrived home to find the large elm tree in the front yard had caught and broken the tree in its fall and prevented it from hitting my car parked in the driveway.  It took out my beautiful rose bush, but I cut that down to the ground and it came back in short order.  Yesterdays tree we cut down ourselves.

Here is the tree in question with Don standing next to it and taken from the vantage point of our hoped for trajectory.  We put a rope around the tree and used the come along to put enough tension to encourage the tree in the direction we needed it to go.  Don cut a wedge in the front and had not been working for long at the back when the tree started to sway and then fall.

Thankfully it fell into the arms of a couple of elms and was held there securely thereby avoiding any damage to the barn or stalls.  This picture was again taken from the hoped for trajectory so you can see we were quite a bit off from what we were hoping for but were overall very pleased with the situation.  So we went to work cutting  large sections from the bottom until it was finally all down, no damage done.  What a relief!

That left the rest of the day for some greenhouse clean up and plowing the garden getting it into shape for spring.  I didn’t take any garden or greenhouse pictures, but here is a cute one of Bride ‘helping’ with the rope for the tree cutting project.

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