Update: Boys meet Girls

When I last wrote a couple of days ago you’ll recall that the goose boys, now known as Bogie and Gustov, were in dire straights and we were afraid that we might lose another poor unfortunate duck to drowning by forceful mating.  So, yesterday when we were at the feed store down the road we asked about female geese, and they happened to have two  and we decided to take the plunge and put the boys out of their misery.  It was just in time too, when we got home and I went in through the gate they both came running over, hissing and being very aggressive and noisy even actually trying to bite which they’ve never done before.  They were evidently feeling quite frustrated and if could speak goose I imagine they must have been saying “We need women NOW”!!!!  Here is a picture of the two of them aiming for my ankles.

But then Don brought the box into the yard and opened the lid…

and the very moment that Heidi and the now Bacall jumped out of the box, everything changed.  Both Bogie and Gustov  became very quiet and calm.  It was really quite amazing.  All of the noise and tension and  aggressive behavior was gone.  Instantly, gone.

The boys were complete gentlemen and the girls coyishly curious.  It truly was like flipping a light switch.  And, without further ado they were a gaggle, obviously complete.

It will be fun to watch them interact over the next few weeks and interesting to see if the boys continue in their state of tranquil bliss.

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