After the Dust Settles

Our “help Yiska come home” concrete busting party was a huge success thanks to Robin, Cedar, Dave, Dillan and Orin.  Not only did we annihilate that slab but we did it in about 4 hours saving us some money on the jack hammer rental.  By 1:30 everyone had been fed lunch had a beer or hard leomonade and was on their way out to make the most of the rest of their Saturday.  The jack hammer was much more user friendly and less body abusive than I had expected it to be and once you got in a groove it went pretty easy.  We all took turns with the jack hammer and the sledge hammer and clearing the busted up concrete.   Dave declared it was the most satisfying tool he had ever used, or something to that effect.  So, we still have a lot of cleanup work to do and burms to finish and cover with dirt, but the job we have been dreading for over a year is done.  I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet, but I’ll get them up here in a few days.  They aren’t much for pretty but the piles of concrete nicely show off how much we really accomplished.  Still yet to be done is more clean up of the stalls and barnyard area, and stall roofs.  Once we’ve got that I think we can get serious about Yiska coming home.  Barn work and hay shed can be done with him on site.  I’m really starting to get excited about having him home,  and at the same time nervous about taking him away from Rose and her steady confident care.  Plus I’m going to miss having friends to ride with, but we will still go to Belen to hang out occasionally and how nice will it be to be able to look out my kitchen window and see my horse or just jump on and go for a ride without having to go any further than my own back yard.  I’m confident (most of the time) that Yiska will do a fine job of teaching me the things I don’t know about taking care of him.

In other news, our new batch of chicken ladies have put on feathers and so have moved out to the small coop and chicken yard.  The older baby ducks are ready to go out and there is still peace among the geese.  In fact the geese girls have been happily laying eggs since they arrived.  Tricksy things, they lay them in the ducks nest so someone else can do the sitting.  We are thinking we will probably reduce our rooster population which will give me an opportunity to try out the recipe for old rooster that Kat posted for me here.  It will be a hard day for Don I think.

The arugula is starting to sprout and I think I have a spinach seedling or two up as well, though its still early to be sure.  We will plant some more seeds this weekend and before we know it the garden will be in full swing.  It always happens so quickly!  Boom and your ass deep in how will we get everything done.

But this weekend we did get everything done and I still had time to take my little dog and go jump on my horse and go for a nice long ride on the river with nothing else to think about except whether or not those clouds looked more like an elephant or a rhinoceros and whether or not Bohdi would fall off that bank into the ditch before he managed to get a good drink.  Turns out he did fall in and Yiska and I shared a good laugh at his expense, but the day was so nice and warm I don’t think he cared much, he was overdue for a wash anyway.

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