So, where were we then? Ah, yes…

For various reasons spring stomped right over us and kept right on going without ever slowing down or looking back.  I feel a bit left in the dust, and with the good, bad and the ugly to relate and catch up on.  Seems the best place to start is where I left off, the barnyard, where if you’ll recall we were in the progress of tearing up a large cement slab in order to make ready the space for goats and my Yiska.

So here are some pictures from that momentous really rather ordinary but necessary event.

Here’s the way things looked before we started.

The combination of the jackhammer and the sledge hammer made quick work of smashing the concrete into manageable sized pieces.

It wasn’t but a couple of hours before we it reduced to this.

and several piles like this.

While we were at it Don and Dillan decided to go ahead and tear out an old, cracked and sagging sidewalk in the back yard.

We have a number of creative ideas about what to do with all of the ugly piles of concrete that resulted from our little demolition project.  A couple of them involve using them to berm up areas where we don’t wont irrigation water and to act as deterrent to dogs that like to dig.

The idea is to cover these with dirt where they will look good, and be solid.  We still have a lot of concrete waste and more ideas but only so much time, so the rest will have to wait.

So all of that was in March and here we are in June, and yes of course we have continued the work on the barnyard, unfortunately we are not yet done but we are making steady if somewhat slow progress.  See…

For one thing there was a tremendous amount of shoveling small pieces of concrete into wheelbarrows and then hauling that around to the other side of the property to use as driveway materials.  There were also numerous dead branches hanging over the barn and stalls that had to be cut down and removed.  Most of that is done now and work on the actual stalls themselves has begun starting with work to replace blocks that had fallen down or were loose and had to be put back up and cemented into place.  And, as you can see Don has built and installed a header in preparation for the roof

and we’ve started applying paint

And that my friends is where we are at with the barn yarn.  Work on this project has been stalled and superseded at the moment by the garden and by our house in Rio Rancho which is getting ready to be empty and needs ton’s of work before it will be ready to rent again.  So for now we’ll make progress here where and when we can.

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2 Responses to So, where were we then? Ah, yes…

  1. Don says:

    seemed like more work that that

  2. Leiah says:

    I know, this post made it look easy.

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