Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Like everyone else I know we’ve been hard at work tilling and planting seeds, hoeing rows and getting the garden in for the last month or so.  This is our second year of gardening at Johnny’s Garden and we’re trying to make the most of last years lessons.   We’ve completely changed the garden layout.   Last years garden featured long narrow rows, with single plants growing single file.  Too singular!  this year we are trying out wider rows, more bed like but still amenable to irrigation this will allow us to have a more compact placement with two or more rows of plants together.

Below is a picture of last years garden layout.

This is the view of this years garden looking south.

And this is the view from the North.

We’ve also changed the placement of the plants, last year the tomatoes were in the sun and corn in the shade, we’ve rectified that, and made some other moves as well to more closely accommodate specific plants needs for sun/shade, wetter/dryer growing conditions.  Its too early yet to say how well this new layout is working but so far so good.

We are planting most of the same crops, beans, tomatoes, squash, melon, potatoes, corn, spinach and arugula, sweet potatoes, peppers,  etc.  Here are a few gratuitous cute baby seedling pictures because what else is spring for?

Green beans just starting to vine.

Bush bean just up

Watermelon!  Yum.

some unknown variety of squash, and lastly this little pepper plant mostly because of the adorable little peppers it’s sportin’.

and that’s all for the cute seedlings folks.  If you want more seedlings get out there and grow your own. 🙂

I gathered the last of the spinach and arugula last night and pulled all but just a couple of spinach plants that hadn’t bolted.  I’m thinking I’ll put chard in where the spinach and arugula was.  I know its really too late to plant chard, but I think I’ll do it anyway I keep wanting chard and never seem to get it planted, its shady in that part of the garden and I’ll mulch them heavily and try and nurse them thru the heat for a good fall harvest.  Gardening should be an adventure after all.

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3 Responses to Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

  1. Don says:

    hey you calling me and old dog? well i guess i am 420 in dog years. maybe 420 is the new 35o.

  2. Lookin’ good! I’m excited to be getting my ass kicked on some farms

  3. Leiah says:

    And I’m looking forward to hearing about it! It will be interesting to see what you learn and how things are the same and different from one place to another. You should subscribe to the blog via email since that will be your most effective means of communicating. Its easy just type in your email address and hit the “sign me up” button. 🙂 That way you’ll stay caught up on whats going on here at home.

    Love you.

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