A Week of Life Loss and Struggle

This week has been difficult for me, my son Wade is leaving next week for a travel adventure that will take him far from home for an extended period of time.  He is excited to be casting out into his life and I’m excited for him, but I also see it as yet another growing up and going away.  I used to cry every time he out grew his clothes too.  My younger son Dillan is away for the summer at his Dad’s in Illinois, he’ll be back in couple of months, but suddenly my nest feels very empty.

I also had news that a long time friend and confidant has experienced a sudden and significant decline in his health and is having a very difficult time of it.  I’m hopeful that these changes can be reversed and his quality of life can improve significantly over what it is now, but frankly I think these changes may be here to stay.

Then came the call telling me that another friend was unexpectedly found dead in her house yesterday.  It was quite shocking news and hard to swallow, that a friend you’d sat down to dinner with just a few evenings prior is suddenly and inexplicably gone.

It all left me feeling rather down and sad and at a bit at a loss as to what to do with myself.  I felt like I should be doing something, but there was just nothing for me to do other than feel sad, wish my friend who had just passed a gentle transition into the next phase of her life and continue to ask for the best outcome for my friend who is ill.  My son will come home again, one day, and while I will miss him I am also grateful that he is following his dreams.

And then I planted flowers for loved ones and lost ones and ones who need compassion and support on their way.

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