And Then an Amazing Thing Happened

The barnyard has seen huge improvements since the spring.  It was only March when we busted that cement out and it looked like it might be forever before the project was done.

then we gave the project another push and things looked like this for a time and it felt like we were really close.

Then Don and Dillan gave this project a huge shove and the long awaited event happened!  Yiska came home!

Now the barnyard looks like this.

And the best view of all is a barnyard with Yiska in it!

Yiska has settled in nicely and seems to like the food here.   While Yiska checked out the accommodations and sampled the menu we got back to work on the barn.  Now instead of a spider infested feral cat habitat it can safely be called a barn  complete with a first installment of alfalfa and saddle racks.

This has been such an amazing dream come true.  All my life I’ve dreamt of having a horse a in my backyard, and while I miss all my friends at Rose’s nothing beats a barefoot, bareback ride on the river or looking out the window and there he is.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this a dream come true for me, all of you who helped with the cement busting, and Rose and Dillan and most of all Don.

Coming soon updates on the other things going on here and especially this years garden and harvest.

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10 Responses to And Then an Amazing Thing Happened

  1. Don says:

    he’s a great horse to have in the back yard

  2. Heather says:

    How lovely that he’s home with you. Here’s to many impromptu rides.

  3. Tiffany Bjelke says:

    That’s wonderful Leiah really Wonderful! I know how much you have wanted this. I’m over the moon happy for you !
    Love and blessings to you and your family

  4. Looks great! Its nice to have your very own horse again I’m sure. I remember when I was little and you had Sierra boarded. You went to ride her every chance you got, I can remember the cold of your leather gloves on my face when you came to pick me up from daycare. Now you can ride everyday if you want. This is a long awaited and deserved privileged for you Mom. Have fun!

  5. Leiah says:

    Thanks Wade, its interesting that you can remember all that, and that what you remember in particular is my cold gloves.

    Love you hope your having a blast!

  6. beverley nilles says:

    I remember all the times you begged to have a horse in our tiny back yard and swore you would take care of him. Remember the all the horses I bought you to play with. Remember Steve got Johnny West and you were always talking him into letting you play with the horses and wagons with Barbie. It makes me cry to know that you finally have a horse in your back yard and you can take care of him and ride him anytime you want. I love you and miss you very much

  7. Leiah says:

    thanks mom, I kinda feel the same way about it.

    This coming weekend I’m taking Yiska to Santa Fe and riding him in a 3 day Mark Rashid clinic.

    Its a very big deal, not just money wise. All my friends went last year and I watched them ride, this year I get to go. Mark is a very big name in horses, and draws people from all over the country to his clinics which only allow up to 8 horse and rider teams per clinic. I’ve read all his books and watched him at clinics last year and can’t wait to be able to ride this weekend, I’ve been signed up since March. This will be my first adventure with just me and Yiska, I’m nervous and very excited and feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime. 🙂

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