Fall Garden Update

Fall has been hanging out this week and making it clear that summer is on its way out.  Its happened so quickly that its hard to believe that we are in the last days of summer, but since we are hauling in the produce I guess it must be true.

I’ve been really slacking on posts this year, so I guess if I’m going to say anything about this years garden I best do it now.

The fruit production was really good, but I was still burned out on fruit from last year and gave a lot of it away.  I regret that a bit now especially since we have been enjoying making Italian soda’s with the last of the previous years apricot nectar and mulberry syrup.  Fortunately spring will come again and when it does there will be mulberries for sure and maybe apricots too.  Hopefully there will be more nectarines next year, we only got 5 this year and even though the tree is still quite small last year we got a half a bucket.  Only five nectarines, but they were delicious!

We got off to a late start this year in the garden,  it was June before we got going.  We had decided to make some changes to the arrangement from the previous year, switching the corn and tomatoes and making wider beds.  That worked great for the corn, not so much for the tomatoes, they really would have liked more of that sun too.

Crops that have done very well this year are green beans and corn.  While the corn stalks didn’t look that great they produced a good quantity of very nice ears of corn.  Squash was better this year than last and ditto for melons, but it still could have been better.  Tomatoes were pretty darn slow.

It remains to be seen what the potatoes and sweet potatoes have done, though the plants look very nice.   Don’s peppers seem to have been producing nicely.  We are still picking dry beans and we had a better crop of those this year than last, but I think we should plant more still.  Things like onions and leeks have done fine.  Heavy mulching with straw served us well though we are still battling weeds.

All in all we are having a pretty good harvest, we’ve been eating really well and I’m putting up plenty  of corn and beans for the winter and still have fruit to make into jams and desserts as well.

We are talking about building raised beds this winter for crops like greens, tomatoes, squash and melons.  I’d like to have beds for things like asparagus, peppers,  strawberries and onions and garlic too.  That will be a large project and right now we are still in the planning stages.  Meanwhile Yiska is looking ahead to next springs planting and  pitching in to make sure that we have plenty of high quality manure for those raised beds and next years garden.

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2 Responses to Fall Garden Update

  1. Deb says:

    Leiah your garden is amazing. I didn’t see in the winter post if you put in the raised beds or not. If you did, how’d they turn out?
    let me know if your receiving my messages. As you know, I’m totally challenged at this stuff.

  2. Leiah says:

    Hi Deb we are putting in raised beds. I will be posting about that here in the next week or so. They are going well and we’ll see this summer how well they work out. More pictures soon.

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