Don and I have been eating lunch together at 11 am every Monday at the same restaurant for 5 years.  Its gone beyond routine at this point, its a tradition.  It was something we looked forward to and it made the dread of Monday’s bearable.   I didn’t realize  how large a role this played in our lives until Johndhi’s decided to close for lunch on Monday’s in order to take on a large catering job.  Tragic!

Johndi’s is delicious BBQ with casual New Mexico charm. It occupies an old adobe house and exudes warm cozy feels like home ambiance.

Don and I briefly considered changing restaurants but when it came right down to it, the place is more important than the day.

Its not just the food, which is quite good, it’s the people.  Lunch somewhere else just wouldn’t be the same.   Traditions die hard after all and we would be poorer without Geri and John, Jen,  Bianca and Pancho.  So if you are looking for wonderful BBQ or a great burger check out Johndi’s and be sure and tell John we sent you.

What traditions do you have in your life?

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2 Responses to Traditions

  1. Deb says:

    I am ready for another visit to this fine establishment. maybe this summer. Or September, I’d like to see the hot air balloons too. You gonna be around?

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