Saturdays in the Saddle

Since Yiska has come home Don has developed a new appreciation for and interest in horses.  I was delighted when that interest developed into a desire to take riding lessons and quickly signed him up for Rose’s beginning lessons.


For the last two months we’ve been out of bed at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning and on the road to Belen with Bodhi in the backseat and Yiska in the trailer before 9 am.  Which says quite a bit about how much we’ve enjoyed these past weeks.

Rose has a vast knowledge of horses, a real love of what she is doing and an easy way with people.   I’ve been thrilled to help with the lessons and spend time with friends I haven’t seen much of since Yiska moved to Johnny’s Garden.    But hey, this isn’t about me.

Riding at Rose’s is just plain fun.  There is always something interesting going on and fun people to hang out with.

From treating colic and caring for injuries to schooling a young filly, if your interest is horses this is the place to be.


Hitch has graciously tangled herself up in something and cut her hind leg offering students an excellent opportunity to learn the abc’s of wound care.


The following week some ground work with a young filly illustrates the fascinating physical and psychological interaction that takes place between a horse and an experienced trainer.


Here fear and anxiety, the horse’s natural instincts are to flee.


Now she’s really concentrating on what it is Rose is asking her to do and trying to figure out where to put her feet.


She’s getting it.  This is a lot of mental effort for her and she’s working hard.


Calm and relaxed.  A good start.

This past weekend was the last beginners class and the last time we’ll be going to Belen regularly for awhile.  Don wants to go and take the intermediate class and  hopefully something can be arranged soon, but for now our Saturdays with Rose have come to an end I’m sorry to say.

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13 Responses to Saturdays in the Saddle

  1. Don says:

    very good post

  2. Robin says:

    I like the pics down the side, they help me remember who is who!

  3. Leiah says:

    LOL! It is getting a bit crowded around here. Thanks for the input. I like them too, I think they are keepers. I still have a few more to add.

  4. Abena says:

    really nice blog, Leiah 🙂 beautiful pictures, and I like the ones down the side. You all really have a menagerie!

  5. Rose Lee says:

    Wow Leiah ! Those are awesome pictures!!! I love the series working that filly in the round pen. The one of Larry and Gipper is pretty nice too 😉 You say such nice things about me… thank you

  6. Leiah says:

    Your welcome, and its easy, they are all true I don’t have to make any of it up. 🙂 I have a lot more pictures that I’ve put on a thumb drive for you.

  7. Leiah,
    If you’re looking for some reason to get up early on Saturday morning grab Don, Yiska and even Jennifer and Chief and head up to the ranch next Saturday. I’m sure we could test Don’s new found skills without hurting him. ; )

    • Leiah says:


      I would love to visit your ranch! Thanks for the invitation! We unfortunately have a commitment to plow a friends field this coming weekend. Any chance we could come another time? I bet Jen and Chief would jump at the chance too. 🙂

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